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We use our proprietary organic red wine based ethanol rather than using CO2 or other volatile gases, to create our signature full spectrum Wholest oil from fresh cannabis flowers. Both our cannabinoid and terpene extractions are strain specific rather than a blended mix, which allows for truly authentic and reliable experiences with each of our products. Our cartridges contains 500mg of 100% cannabis oil with an average potency of 85+% total cannabinoids.

Dog Walker OG is a balanced hybrid of Albert Walker OG and Chemdawg 91. A universally great choice for most occasions as its effects are not intensely sedative or cerebral. Chemdawg’s widely loved pungent skunk profile shines through across earthy piney back notes in this strain. Dog Walker OG is a wonderful choice for those suffering from: depression, stress, pain, fatigue, and lack of appetite.

About this product

The indica-dominant hybrid Dogwalker OG is a cannabis strain that produces buds that are dense and plump, being deep green with amber hues and having a thin layer of resin. Its scent and taste are extremely pungent, being of “wet dog”, diesel, skunk, and having earthy undertones. BUY CHRONOPOLY DOGWALKER OG CARTS ONLINE

THC levels average between 24-26%, so novice consumers take heed. Its effects are known to calm racing thoughts and allow focus to set it. Both the mind and body will fall into a state of relaxation, allowing the consumer to slowly and effortlessly drift off to sleep which makes this strain best used at night time or in the evenings. Hunger may also arise so have snacks handy. Reviewers note this strains ability to help with muscle spasms and depression.

Anxiousness and dizziness are negative side-effects of Dogwalker OG, with both cottonmouth and dry eyes being normal.


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