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Order FF x WB – Orange Sunset  1G Cured Resin Cartridges

The perfect bud for kicking back and enjoying the views on a lazy afternoon, buy Orange Sunset cartridges is both lifting and relaxing. The high has a definite warming effect, washing over your body in soothing waves and leaving it feeling totally calm, kicked back and at ease. Orange Sunset by Wonderbrett is an indica-dominant hybrid of Orange Banana and OZ Kush.

A light mental energy accompanies this physical state, lifting your spirits and filling you with a happy sense of calm and ease as well as a touch of creativity that will lend itself well to any conversation at hand. Combined with its super high 27-30% THC level, these effects give buy Orange Sunset cartridges an edge in treating chronic stress or anxiety, mood swings or depression and chronic pain.

This bud has a classic sweet creamy citrus flavor with a touch of tangy sour orange candy upon exhale. The aroma is much like a fresh citrus grove, with sharp oranges and vibrant tangerines accented by fresh earth throughout.

Friendly Farms collaborations, past and present

Friendly Farms lives up to their name, collaborating with other brands occasionally. This does, unfortunately, make it confusing for people trying to tell real from counterfeit. Here’s the current scorecard:

  • Connected Cannabis Co.
  • Alien Labs – not to be confused with the, like, dozen other “alien” cart brands out there, real and fake
  • Sherbinski – Already heavily counterfeited, as we reported back there. This is particularly troublesome, because one Sherbinski cart looks exactly like another thanks to their square traffic cone design motif.

There is also a previous collaboration between Friendly Farms and Higher Vibrations, which is a saga of its own. Early on this year, we were alerted to Higher Vibrations going on using Friendly Farms’ name on their packaging long after the collaboration had concluded. HV was simply filling with their own oil but still using the boxes printed from FF. HV has since gotten over its affair with FF, changed its status back to ‘single,’ and moved on, but counterfeits of carts from that pairing still appear, we hear.


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